Web Marketing


Search Engine Placement

Most users discover and visit a website through the use of search engines.
The PageRank (i.e.the rank of a web page ) is comparable to the concept of popularity we commonly use among human social relationships, trying to indicate pages or sites of great relevance to the search terms.

The popularity of a website is linked to multiple factors:

  • Accessibility to the pages by search engines. The structure, pages, and links should be developed according to certain criteria.
  • Relevance of the content with the search criteria and keywords. this is why a good quality of the content is a must.
  • Links: the web sites must be linked in order to achieve high rankings.

To summarize the main factors that can increase the popularity/PageRank we list:

  • the number of links pointing to the site itself
  • the quality of the links
  • the popularity/PageRank of pages

Other factors that can positively affect are:

  • the keywords present in the various elements of the site.
  • the age of the site
  • low weight of the pages in terms of kbites
  • the presence of efficient links
  • a high number of visits and a great deal of content


For us web marketing means definition and development of all the relevant communications activities that internet can offer. Our goal is to design a web site that is able to convert users into customers.

Many solutions are possible, such as the way you use features offered by the search engines, AdWords / AdSense campaigns, which are important tools that can contribute to the success of a brand, of a service or a product when properly exploited.

A well known web address is also created thanks to the exchange of banners or through the use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.